Pole Tents - Save on the #1 Commercial Pole Tent for Sale

It doesn’t matter what sort of special event your event rentals or party rentals company gets booked for. Parties, weddings, graduations, music festivals, corporate fundraisers … your inventory of rental equipment needs to look and work great and be ready to take on any event that comes your way. And having the right pole tent for the job? That’s quintessential.

Tried and true, the commercial pole tent is well established as an event rentals industry standard. They’re durable, easy to set up and tear down, and perfectly suited for nearly any outdoor events you bring them to. And here at TNT, party tents are one of our specialties!

Our heavy duty pole tents are tough enough to withstand high volume commercial use all year long. They’re built using commercial grade materials and are flame, mold, mildew, and stain resistant. The durability of the pole tents for sale on our site will prove dependable for your company season after season.

Tent sizes vary, but some of our premium pole tents can comfortably seat up to 200 people. And their fully waterproof construction will keep those guests dry when the weather takes a turn, too (you may want to also invest in sidewalls).

We carry everything your company needs for commercial operations, including setup and teardown tools, stakes and anchors, and repair and patch kits.

Our experienced sales team is dedicated to helping your event rentals company become your local rentals leader. Give our experts a call at 1-888-322-5606 and let us help you find the perfect products for your commercial needs!

A Pole Tent for Every Special Outdoor Event!

Finding the right tent for your party and event rental company doesn't have to be a challenge. The trick is offering several styles to accommodate your client's needs, from small pop-ups for trade shows to sprawling large tents for grand galas and weddings with hundreds of people in attendance. Tent and Table has been manufacturing top-quality commercial-grade tents for over 25 years, so we know a thing or two about the advantages of the timeless pole tent. Our selection includes virtually any size you may need along with tent accessories like sidewalls, stakes and lighting to create an outdoor entertaining space that satisfies even your most discerning customers.

Getting to Know Commercial-Grade Pole Tents

Tried and true, the commercial pole tent is the industry standard, and for good reason. They're durable, easy to set up and tear down, and ideally suited for nearly any outdoor event. Pole tents are ideal for setup on soft surfaces like grass or sand. The center poles lend an intimate feel to even the largest tents, and of course, those poles are perfect for decorating with lights or flowers! Pole tents also tend to be an affordable option and are available in sizes ranging from 20' x 20' to a whopping 60' x 150' structure with room for over 1,000 guests, seated or standing. Let's see a frame tent offer that!

Understanding Our Manufacturing Process

For commercial-grade pole tents that last more than one rental season, you need the best materials and design. Tent and Table delivers on both. We use top-quality 100% waterproof, phthalate-free PVC vinyl for exceptional strength and durability. These tops are flame, mold, mildew and rust resistant, and they even have a UV coating to prevent fading or yellowing over time. We bond our tent top panels with 1" heat-sealed seams and sew reinforced aluminum plates into all top points for added stability. We even go that extra step to permanently install sidewall ropes in case your clients want to add them for additional privacy or protection from wind and rain.

We don't just stop at the top. Our anodized aluminum poles are a robust, lightweight alternative to steel which is more likely to oxidize, corrode or rust. You don't have to worry about anodized aluminum staining your pristine white vinyl tent top! These thoughtful touches make all the difference over the lifespan of your tents and can help you realize a return on your investment. It sure beats dragging your damaged, sad tents to the curb after only one season.

Finding the Best Options

Tent and Table doesn't expect you to stick with just one size, shape or style of a commercial pole tent. We are all about variety and meeting our customer's needs, so we have a range of sizes, shapes and styles in stock or available for custom orders. We invite you to look at our collections to find the right fit for your party or event rental business. Want top-of-the-line tents? Check out our premium one-piece and sectional canopy pole tents. Need a more affordable option? We have a Weekender collection that helps you stick to your budget. Want to get noticed? Our Star Pole Tents will catch everyone's eye with their unique shape and vibrant colors.

We carry everything your party and event rental company needs for commercial operations, including setup and teardown tools, stakes and anchors, and repair and patch kits. We also have colorful tent tops, storage bags and customizable options. Tent and Table is your one-stop destination for any commercial-grade pole tent.

We understand you may not have the time or patience to look through hundreds of pole and frame tents on our website. Tent and Table has an experienced and knowledgeable customer service team to answer your questions and assist you with your selection. Contact us at (716) 832-TENT (8368) or use our online form to get started. Let us help you find the perfect products for your commercial needs!