Tent Repair

Tent Repair

Save on Heavy Duty Commercial Event, Party & Canopy Tent Repair Gear!

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All of your Party Tent Repair Tools and Parts in One Place!

An outdoor tent isn’t really doing its job if it’s not exposed to the elements. The best party tent is the kind that holds back mother nature while you enjoy your event. Rain, hail, wind, UV rays … your party tent needs to keep all of it at bay while the people inside stay dry and keep having their fun together.

Tent repair isn’t something you should just jump right into, but we do offer sewing accessories, vinyl repair kits, vinyl patch kits, tent repair kits, patch kits, and more in the hopes of making your tent repair as simple as possible.

Need sewing accessories and sewing supplies? We’ve got high quality sewing supplies as well, including the famed Speedy Stitcher sewing awl tool. We carry curved needles, straight needles, sewing thread, needle kits, seam rollers, and other supplies. We make tent repairs sew easy. And no, we won’t apologize for that pun, either!

We carry vinyl adhesive and fabric adhesive and repair compounds, too! Heavy duty HH-66 vinyl cement glue, tent fabric and vinyl TEAR-AID products, PatchAll kits, and color matching Liquid Tape are amongst the many excellent products you’ll find on Tent and Table that will help you get your patches patched and your seams sealed tight.

Need help finding anything? Give our knowledgeable and experienced sales team a call at 1-888-322-5606. We’d love to point you in the right direction and play a role in helping get your party tent back in service at upcoming outdoor events.