High Peak Sidewalls

High Peak Frame Tent Sidewalls

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Elegant Tent Sidewalls for Your High Peak Frame Tent

An outdoor wedding. A graduation party. A corporate gala. There are a great many settings enhanced by the presence of a beautiful high peak frame tent. They’re a perfect combination of form and function. But this special brand of party tent by itself, as impressive as it may be, isn’t quite enough to dazzle attendees at outdoor events. For that, our high peak frame tent needs a little something extra. That party or wedding tent requires an added dash of sophistication by way of these aesthetically pleasing tent sidewalls.

Our high peak tents boast the traditional elegance of a pole tent, but the spacious design free of center poles you’ll find in frame tents. And adding tent sidewalls enhances their sophistication by leaps and bounds, while also providing tremendous improvements to their functionality. Whether you’re providing a canopy tent for folding tables and folding chairs or protecting a dance floor so the happy couple can spend all night celebrating their most special day, our tent sidewalls will keep the wind, rain, sun, and snow at bay.

Wedding Tent Sidewalls for Every Occasion, Rain or Shine

These stunning tent sidewalls will transform your high peak tent from stately to palatial, all while boasting commercial grade features like UV, water, and fire resistance and heavy duty construction. A wedding tent side wall requires more than just beauty. It needs to be highly functional. And we’re proud to state our high peak frame tent offerings live up to both of those expectations flawlessly.

With a variety of types of tent sidewalls to choose from and an excellent, experienced staff of party tent professionals to call, Tent and Table isn’t just a party tent company. We’re an ally in your efforts as an event planner or as a company offering tent rentals. Call our expert team today at 1-888-322-5606 and let us help you find the perfect party tent sidewalls for your perfect wedding tent!