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Replacement Parts for your West Coast Frame Tent

With perhaps the exception of tent stakes, miscellaneous tent parts are the freshly laundered socks of the party rental world. They’re almost comically easy to lose, and when your business is really booming replacement parts are a frequent necessity. Even the most organized among us will occasionally lose an R-pin. It simply cannot be helped.

Tent and Table carries a great selection of replacement parts for your west coast frame tent. Tent ropes, tension cables, crowns, side tees, corner fittings, hip joints, and replacement tent poles are all just a few clicks away. Your canopy tent will be back on its own six-plus feet—well, its own base plates, anyway—once our products arrive at your door.

If you need any help finding the right parts for your equipment, please don’t hesitate to call our party tent experts at 1-888-291-4615 and let us help you however we can!