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Pop Up Tent Style with Commercial Tent Attitude

What happens when the modular, highly configurable design of a west coast frame tent meets our Weekender line’s philosophy of keeping things affordably simple? A pop up tent sturdy enough to withstand regular commercial use, but easy enough to handle that it works in your backyard, too. That’s what!

Don’t let the low prices fool you. These are high quality canopy tents made with heavy duty commercial grade materials. But they’re lightweight enough that one or two people can set them up and anchor them; they don’t require a team of experienced professionals to get them standing.

They’ll serve you diligently for birthday parties, weddings, and corporate fundraisers all week, and then keep you dry when the weather turns during your weekend cookout. Our west coast frame weekenders put the “party” back in party tent!

Our friendly and experienced sales team would love to help you pick out a frame tent that will be perfectly suited to your needs. Give us a call at 1-888-322-5606 and tell us what you’re looking for! We won’t even ask you for an invite to your backyard barbeque party. Even though we really, really want to.