36" Square Adjustable Height Cocktail Bistro Table

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Our high-quality 36" Square Adjustable Height Cocktail Bistro Tables are a popular choice for bars, pubs, bistros, rental and catering businesses. These 3-foot tables were created using a CNC machine, meaning that they are high-precision crafted and every table is engineered to be exactly the same, every time they are manufactured. This makes for superior quality and ultimate consistency, while also enabling the easy replacement of broken and damaged parts.

Our heavy-duty adjustable height tables are constructed from 3/4" thick birch plywood that has been sanded smooth without voids or patches and sealed on both sides with a tough, protective polyurethane finish. It features aluminum edging that has been high-pressured crimped to the tabletop without the use of any adhesives, providing not only a beautiful finish but reduces the instance of moisture penetrating into the wood. The legs of this cocktail table were created using 1" diameter, 16 Gauge cold-rolled steel that has been chrome plated for a beautiful finish. These tables can be easily broken down into individual pieces, making for efficient, stackable space-saving storage and easy transport to and from events.

Our 3 foot commercial, adjustable height wood cocktail tables are designed with unsurpassed excellence and meant to stand up to the abuse of constant set up and tear down. Not only is this cocktail bistro table durable enough for the everyday rigors of commercial usage, but this table can be utilized in the home for decor, an accent table or setting up for your party and event plans. It's ideal for usage in banquet halls, restaurants, pubs, bistros, bars, hotel buffets and even as a table for the office. Outfit your business with our commercial-quality cocktail tables today!