Moose Supply 4' x 4' Folding Gymnastics Mat

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Whether you're looking to create a safe landing zone for jumpers or just want to improve the level of safety for your inflatable bounce house business, these folding gymnastics mats are just what you're looking for. These impact mats are typically used at the entrances and exit points of inflatable units to ensure that kids have a soft, safe place to land rather than on the hard ground. Our landing mats are 48 inches wide and a full 2 inches thick, providing plenty of cushioning and a more than adequate space around the entrance and exit of any inflatable game to keep participants safe.

These Moose Supply Folding Gym Mats feature a non-slip surface and is ASTM certified for use with your inflatable rental business. These landing mats aren't just a great investment for your company, but simply a must-have accessory for reducing the likelihood of any injuries. They can even potentially lower your insurance costs. These folding gym mats are perfect for all your safety needs and a must-have for every rental and event professional.