30' x 60' West Coast Frame Tent - White Tent Top & Straps Only

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The 30' x 60' white tent top is one of our most durable styles. This vinyl frame tent top is manufactured with our best quality 16-ounce block-out, flame resistant vinyl. All our seams are heat sealed and overlap by at least 1 inch. Your twin tube west coast frame top comes with a 7/32 inch sidewall hanging line that is held up by a 1-inch webbed strap and is installed approximately every 15 inches around the inside perimeter of the tent top.


  • 30' x 15' West Coast Frame Left End with Ropes (1)
  • 30' x 15' West Coast Frame Right End with Grommets (1)
  • 30' x 15' West Coast Frame Mid Section (2)
  • 2" x 13' Ratchet Straps with Snap Hook (12)