18' x 18' Commercial Portable Wood Finish Dance Floor

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Dance the night away on this classic 18' x 18' Commercial Portable Wood Finish Dance Floor. These heavy duty portable dance floors are simple to install, utilizing tiles, beveled corners, and edges that lock together with plastic clips. This means that both assembly and tear down are a snap, with no glue or adhesives required.

Our dance floor can be dismantled and reassembled into smaller sizes using the same pieces provided, or expanded into larger sizes by simply purchasing the necessary add on parts. Combined with the fact that our tiles are smaller than most competitors, this makes our dance floors require less room for storage. They're remarkably easy to move around, and offer the versatility to accommodate a wide array of different rental customers' needs.

Our vinyl-coated plastic tiles offer maintenance-free ownership. And unlike wooden dance floors that absorb water and moisture, our dance floor tiles are completely waterproof. They can be cleaned with a simple wipe of a damp cloth or soapy water.

This commercial dance floor package consists of everything you'll need, including tiles, clips, corners, and edges. Be it outdoor or indoor, our dance floors are the perfect complement to special events like wedding receptions, graduations, or family reunions. They provide a convenient practice area for dancers in a studio, too.

Please Note: This dance floor requires the use of a hard, flat surface for installation. Soft, flat surfaces such as grass or carpeting require plywood or subflooring to be laid down first before installing the dance floor.

Custom sizes are available upon request. We can build any size dance floor to meet your needs!