6 Stake Speedy Canopy Tent Extended Usage, Kit H

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This Extended Term Usage, Kit H includes a 6 pack of 1" ratchet straps and a 6 pack of 3/4" x 30" single head steel tent stakes, meant to steel hook stakes that come with our speedy pop up canopy tents. These measures will assist in giving your speedy pop up tent the support it needs to remain up over extended periods of time.

This kit is intended for use with the following speedy tent sizes;

Speedy Pop Up Tents

  • 10 x 20 40mm
  • 10 x 20 50mm
  • 13 x 26 50mm

Extended Term Usage Note: Any canopy tent that is set up for extended periods of time (3+ days) should be routinely inspected in the following areas:

  • Ensure all stakes are secure in the ground and are not rising or loosening
  • All ratchet straps on the tent top should be inspected to make sure they are tight and secure
  • Check tension on ratchet straps
  • Check any ropes or ratchet straps for signs of fraying or wear and replace immediately
  • Routinely clear any pooling water off of the tent top