Sticky Suit Adult Large

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Have you ever saw those inflatable velcro sticky walls where you put on a velcro suit, take a good run and throw yourself at them? These are one of the most fun and unique inflatables on the market today! You'll have the time of your life on these inflatables. These multi-colored Velcro Wall Sticky Suits are just what you need for use with velcro sticky walls and they come in several different sizes.

It's simple. Just run, jump and fling yourself at the wall any which way you can think and the velcro on the suit adheres to the wall. Compete with your friends to see who can stick the highest or who sticks the best and lasts the longest on the sticky wall. Jump forward, backward, upside down, do some flips. Anything is possible! Try out some tricks or create your own fun ways to participate in this experience.

More Information
Product Condition New
Product Weight 9
Shipping Method Parcel (Ground)
Commercial Grade? No
Color Multi
Mold and Mildew Resistant No
UV Resistant No
Flame Resistant No
UPC Number 754972321303
Size Adult Large

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