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Folding Tables

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These Folding Tables for Sale will Earn Your Respect

Venerable and underrated. A necessity and an afterthought. The folding table is our workhorse. Our centerpiece. We place food on our folding table gently, but drop boxes on it carelessly. It’s integral to our industry, but we rarely show it any respect.

Party tables aren’t as visually stunning as a party tent, nor are they fun and engaging like a commercial inflatable, but our industry couldn’t survive without them. And when you’re trying to find high quality folding tables for sale, we’re confident ours will be at the top of your list. Because here at Tent and Table, we recognize the value of these important, but often overlooked, essentials.

Your party tables are going to see their fair share of spilled drinks and food messes. People will pile other equipment on top of them, kick them, stand on them, and knock them around. And after taking all of that abuse, your party table still needs to accommodate folding chairs and an elegant place setting for the wedding you’ve got booked the next morning.

The folding tables for sale on our website are made from 100 percent Baltic birch plywood sourced from California Air Resource Board (CARB) certified mills, and sealed with a protective polyurethane finish. Holding these tabletops off the ground are wishbone legs made of 1” diameter 18-gauge, cold rolled, silver coated steel tubing with continuous weld joints. They have high pressure crimped aluminum edging, too, with no adhesives needed or used.

Your party table is worth more than the sum of its parts. And with our impressive build quality using high quality commercial grade materials, that’s saying quite a lot. The party tables for sale here might fold for convenience before and after your events, but they’re not going to buckle under pressure.

A party table should be more than just a platform on legs. It’s going to take on a great many roles in its lifetime. When you’re trying to find folding tables for sale, you should be looking for more than just a dinner table to park under a wedding tent. You want a folding table you can rely on. And that’s precisely what you’ve found here at Tent and Table!

Give us a call at 1-888-322-5606 to speak with a true party table expert. We’ll help you find the perfect folding tables for sale to suit not only your next booking, but all of the utility uses your folding table will find itself fulfilling on the side, too. And don’t forget to ask us about our easy and affordable financing options!