Heavy Duty Tarps for Sale

The Right All-Purpose Tarp/Ground Cover For Your Needs

A tarpaulin, otherwise known as a tarp, tarp cover, or ground cover, is one of the oldest concepts around. But despite all of our technological growth, this simple product, tried and true, is still something everyday people and businesses alike have strong needs for.

The list of applications for these simple but proven covers is seemingly endless. They’re used in all forms of building—construction, painting (usually as a drop cloth), roofing, and more. They perfectly supplement your camping gear, too. And farmers use them as a simple ground cover to protect moist soil, or they’ll use hay tarps to protect…well, you can probably guess what those protect.

Since they are often durable and made of waterproof material, tarpaulins even been used to create a makeshift tarp shelter. It can be argued tarps have actually saved lives. And as much as we love all of the products we sell here at Tent and Table, when was the last time a bounce house or a party chair did that?

As far as the party rentals business is concerned, you’ll want to use a tarpaulin as a ground cover underneath bounce houses and water slides. You can use them to cover up your rentals when the weather turns. If you’re storing equipment long-term, tarps keep them dust-free and ready for use at a moment’s notice. They’re useful for protecting tents or as a ground cloth inside of a tent.

Our tarps come in a wide variety of colors and are made from an assortment of materials, including polyethylene, nylon, and PVC. We have meshes, heavy duty ground cover tarps, hay tarp covers, concrete curing blankets, pallet tarps, and more.

We’re confident Tent and Table has just the right cover for your needs, whether they’re commercial, residential, industrial, or intended to be used as camping supplies. Chat with our sales team today and we’ll help you find the perfect tarpaulin for you!