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Commercial Party Tents for Sale

Standard Pole Tents


Our Standard Pole Tents are often referred to as our Weekender line, or our "over the counter canopy tent." Simply put -- they're easy and affordable. They're great starter party tents for the rental company new to the business. They're also a good, affordable option for the homeowner or organization looking to purchase a canopy party tent or event tent for occasional use. Properly cared for, this heavy duty commercial party tent will last years.

The canopy tent top, poles and stakes come in a convenient polyethylene storage bag for easy transportation, and takes very little space to store when not in use. Our canopy tent tops also made with 100% waterproof commercial vinyl, and are flame, UV, mold and mildew resistant.

Our heavy duty pole tent canopies are ideal for commercial or recreational use. These lightweight party tents are perfect for summer parties, weddings, graduations, backyard events, rehearsal dinners, baptisms and more. Check out our large selection of high quality, commercial pole tents for sale.

Premium Pole Tents

Our commercial grade canopy tents are an excellent addition to any party tent rental or event business. Our Premium Pole Tents have features that ensure a longer life in the rental industry, and are better suited for the end user that will be setting this commercial canopy tent up multiple times per year.

Our commercial pole tent tops are waterproof, flame resistant, UV resistant, mold resistant and mildew resistant. The fabric is a heavy duty 16oz blockout vinyl that will not show staining and has a durable finish. The side and tent center poles are constructed from anodized aluminum that is lighter than steel, highly resistant to rusting and corrosion, ultra-durable and won't stain your tent top vinyl.

Our commercial pole tents are the perfect party tents for your outdoor event, such as weddings, picnics, sporting events, church functions, family reunions, graduations and more. Browse our selection of high quality commercial canopy tents and party tents for sale.

West Coast Frame Tents

Need commercial party tents that can grow and expand with your rental business? Our heavy duty west coast frame party tents for sale feature an expandable system. This means that the same components, such as pipes and fittings, can be used to build a variety of different party tent sizes.

Our single tube frame tents come in sizes of 10'x10', 10'x20', 15'x15', 15'x30', 20'x20', 20'x30', 20'x40' and 20'x60'. These eight different tent sizes share common size pipes and fittings. Many rental customers prefer this system because with only five different lengths of pipe and six different fittings, they can assemble eight different common party tent sizes. Our larger frame tents use a heavier duty, double tube pipe. Common sizes of twin tube frame tents are 30'x30', 30'x45', 30'x60', 40'x40', 40'x60', 40'x80' and 40'x100'. These party tent pipes and fittings will mix and match with most other manufacturer’s west coast frame party tents and parts.

Browse our large selection of commercial outdoor frame party tents for sale. Our heavy duty frame party tents are perfect for outdoor vendors, company picnics, corporate events, an anniversary or other outdoor events.

High Peak Frame Tents

We offer a large selection of commercial high peak frame party tents for sale. Our heavy duty frame tents have an elegant design that allows for easy transportation and storage. Setting up these commercial party tents is easy! Most 20-foot wide party tents require only two people and can be set up in half the time of other traditional frame tents! With 50% fewer parts than our west coast frame tents, our high peak frame party tents offer quicker installation and take down, as well as cheaper shipping and handling.

Our commercial high peak frame tents are available in most common sizes: 10'x10', 10'x20', 15'x15', 20'x20', 20'x30', 20'x40' and 30'x30'. Our heavy duty high peak frame party tents for sale are perfect for your birthday, special event, community event, outdoor wedding party and more.

Speedy Pop Up Tents

Speedy Tents are the newest line of commercial pop up tents for sale at Tent and Table, and not just another canopy pop up tent. These heavy duty party tents are the ultimate in instant shelters. Whether you're an individual looking for a quick pop up tent, or a commercial customer looking for an affordable party tent, these strong and durable tents will suit you well. We have the best pop up tents for sale.

Our heavy duty pop up tents are perfect for your next party or event. They've been tested to withstand wind speeds of 60mph and are the most professional and durable tents of their kind. They provide shelter for outdoor vendors at farmer's markets, flea markets, fairs, carnivals and festivals. While they are designed for commercial use, they also make the ultimate tent for tailgating (football, auto racing, concerts, etc.) and parties, and will hold up to several seasons of use. They are ideal for the season ticket holder that will use their pop up tent several times during the season or the ultimate tailgater that must have the best equipment for his or her party. Browse our large selection of high quality commercial pop up tents for sale.

Tent and Table also offers a full line of Speedy pop up tent accessories, including party tent sidewalls, canopy tent extensions, tent rain gutters, sand bags and connector sets for multiple party tents. With three different tent sizes, you will be able to find the Speedy pop up tent that works best for you. The superior quality and materials of these commercial pop up tents for sale will more than satisfy your expectations.