Zoom Blower Deflator Tube

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Speed up the process of taking down your inflatable with the Zoom Blower Deflator Tube. This handy attachment connects to your blower and can cut down on the time it takes to deflate your units in half at the end of a long day. While you can certainly take down a single unit in a reasonable amount of time without one, where it really brings the greatest benefits is in situations where you have multiple units set up at big events. The deflator tube can be a set-it and forget-it method, allowing for one deflated unit to be rolled up, while another is in the process of being deflated, saving some extra steps in getting your units packed up and ready to go. Deflator units can also help you get a tighter roll over deflating a unit by walking on it.

The Zoom Deflator Tube attaches easily to our Zoom Blowers by simply sliding into place and then a slight turn to lock into the deflator plate (sold separately) on the side of our blower.

Please Note: Older model Zoom XLT Blowers (pre 2020) require an additional deflator plate to use this deflator tube.


  • Plastic construction
  • Reduces time to deflate units
  • Provides a tighter roll over walking out a unit
  • Easily attaches to Zoom Blowers
  • Older model Zoom XLT Blowers (pre 2020) require an additional deflator plate to use this deflator tube.
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