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Figuring out which outdoor party tent is best for your organization’s needs can seem fairly daunting. You want something tough enough to withstand frequent, if not daily, use, and hold up against the elements. You want it to be aesthetically pleasing, too. And you can find all of that in the west coast frame tents for sale at Tent and Table!

Unlike a traditional pole tent, a west coast frame tent is designed to be set up and taken down quickly and easily. It’s also designed to be modular and expandable. Its components—its pipes and fittings—can be linked together in a variety of configurations, while their lack of a center pole means internal space is maximized. This design also means our west coast frame tents can withstand higher wind loads than other types of party tents.

West coast frame designs are compatible with sidewalls for improved functionality and weather resistance. They’re water resistant (many options are fully waterproof) and meet or excite fire safety regulations in the United States.

Their incredible durability and visually appealing designs make west coast frame tents perfect for nearly any type of outdoor events, including festivals, trade shows, graduations, banquets, carnivals, live music concerts, and art shows.

If you’re looking for something better suited to light commercial or residential use, you may want to take a look at a Weekender pop up tent. These are meant for residential and light, short-term commercial use.

We have a great selection of parts and accessories here, too! We have frames, tent frame parts, anchoring ropes and stakes, repair kits, and everything you need for setup and tear down.

Give our expert sales team a call at 1-888-322-5606. We’d be more than happy to discuss your needs and help you find the perfect party or event tent for your business or organization!