Medical Testing Tent | Coronavirus COVID-19 Testing Tents

Professional Grade Medical Testing Tent

COVID-19 has presented our nation with a great many challenges. Challenges that force us to each put our differences aside and work together toward solving. One such challenge presents itself as medical testing. How do you administer COVID-19 tests to hundreds of millions of Americans? It’s a logistical quagmire, but one we’ve found a relatively simple solution to.

With hospitals and other medical facilities overtasked, medical professionals have been turning toward alternative solutions for their medical testing. And the medical testing tent has risen into a starring role in providing medical workers with practical in-field testing options.

These canopy tents are spacious, large enough to accommodate all sorts of internal configurations and floor plans. They’re versatile enough to be set up nearly anywhere—parks, fields, school or hospital parking lots, gymnasiums, you name it—and they’re easy to disassemble, too.

Each medical testing tent is built using commercial grade materials, ranging from heavy duty polyester to our top of the line 16 ounce PVC vinyl, with schedule 40 steel and aluminum tent poles and high quality tent stakes, tent sidewalls, and more. Our canopy tents are waterproof and highly resistant to fire, UV rays, and mold and mildew.

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