Single Pole Star Tents

Single Pole Star Tents & Arch Tents

Get Your Next Event to Blast Off with a Star Pole Tent!

A canopy tent or pole tent can be efficient. It can be useful. It can be attractive, or even glamorous. But it’s safe to say that in most cases, you don’t want the tent drawing a whole lot of attention. It’s a background actor. And if it does lure an audience toward it, it’s only so they can see what treasures are waiting for them inside.

Well, that was how pole tents worked. Before the Star tent came along, that is.

The Star pole tent is one of the most unique forms of canopy tent you’ll find on the market, designed from top to bottom for aesthetics and wow factor. They’re perfect for just about any event, from a car dealership sale to a wedding reception to a music festival. And they’re crafted using commercial grade materials, so you can be confident they’ll last as many seasons as you take care of them.

Star pole tents emphasize form without losing function. They’re stated, not loud. They’re exotic, but not the least bit crass. These party tents will stun your rental company fresh out of their boxes and impress you consistently after that. And that’s something you’ll frankly struggle to get out of a more traditional pole tent or frame tent.

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